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The Cycle We're Living In

by Fundamental Elements

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released May 23, 2008

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Stephen Leiweke
Track 5 co-produced by Jorge Casas

Recorded at Yackland Studios in Nashville, TN
Mastered by Jim Falzone



all rights reserved


Fundamental Elements Saint Louis

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Track Name: Cryin' Shame
(verse 1)
sometimes I stop and think
maybe it wasn't meant to be like this
somewhere we lost our way
and now we're just trying to clean our mess
and someday we'll change
for peace and love and unity we'll pray
but it all seems strange
and I just can't help but think

it's a losing game we're playing
and we're running 'round in circles, baby
and we keep chasing yesterday
wondering if it's ever gonna be the same

it's a cryin' shame...
it's a cryin' shame...
it's a cryin' shame...
it's a cryin' shame...

(verse 2)
sometimes i stop and think
maybe it's always going to be like this
'cause if we walked away
than is it possible to live like this
we can pray for change
but it won't get better til it gets worse
or so they all say
so I just can't help but think

and it's a cycle we're living in
keep on trying, keep on giving in
and I don't know what to do but leave it up to you
cause I know it ain't through and
I try and listen, won't you tell me
keep on missing, won't you help me
cause I don't wanna be the same
I just shake my head and keep on saying
Track Name: That Girl
(verse 1)
she's got me runnin' and I can't escape her grip
that girl is stunning, has my heart about to skip
I've got this feeling that I'm falling in too deep
my mind is reeling, she is stealing a better part of me

should've seen it coming
could've turned and walked away
but I would not change nothing
she is taking over me

that girl's gonna get the best of me
that girl doesn't need a reason
she could do anything and it's alright, alright
that girl's gonna get the best of me
that girl's got my heart believing
I would give everything I've got
give it all for that girl

(verse 2)
her eyes are water and a deeper shade of blue
now that I've got her I'm just drowning in the view
I will be ready, I will do all that I can
her love is steady, she's already making me a better man

should've seen it coming
could've turned and walked away, any day
but I would not change nothing, no
'cause if she wasn't there for me...

and I don't know, but I'm afraid she's onto me
that little girl knows she's got me wrapped around her finger
and when she throws that little wink and smile at me
I know I'm already done, there ain't nothing I can say
Track Name: Nobody but You
(verse 1)
let me tell you a little story about this kid I know
way back in the day we used to rock the show
over time became the best of friends
you know, brothers from different mothers
we were next to kin
coulda, woulda, shoulda been a superstar
but he was way to immature to ever get that far
I kinda thought that maybe it would be nice
to lend a brotherly hand and give a word of advice

and now you turn and walk away
as if you're just pretending I've got nothing to say
I know what you want ain't what you need
so I'm just gonna sit back and we'll wait and see

(now it's) all you look at yourself
you can't find anyone else
who feels the way that you do
it's nobody but you now
oh no, look what you've got
you did this, like it or not
I don't feel sorry for you
it's nobody but you now

(verse 2)
now all the friends you've left behind you can never find you
even your mama's out of sight and out of mind, too
because you walked out and went your own route
the ones you care about left out, no doubt
screening phone calls, never coming around
you put me in the back seat with everybody in town
so whatcha doin' man, this just ain't cool man
I try to help but you don't let me, just don't understand

you only think about yourself, friend
I just don't understand
why you do what you're doing and
I hate to think i'd have to let go
and say I told you so
but I guess that's how it's got to go
Track Name: Asking Myself
(verse 1)
I keep asking myself this question, have we gone too far?
whatever lead us in this direction, were we chasing a shooting star?
going down in a blaze of glory
would they write us a different story
oh no, I don't think so

and I keep asking myself, have we gone too far?
and I keep holding on to something maybe I should let go of
and I keep asking myself, does it ever stop
no, no, it's just no good, it's just no good

(verse 2)
stop the music, I need your attention before the skies turn gray
I don't think it was ever our intention for things to end up this way
we just took 'til we had our fill
never thought we'd have to pay the bill
so get your head straight
before it's too late

but we can't stop and we won't look back
until we find out we'd be better off with what we had
no we can't stop and we won't look back
no, no, it's just no good, it's just no good
Track Name: All Burns Down
we can only fight the fire with fire so long, baby
'til it all burns down
'til it all burns down
what's it gonna take to make this all stop now, baby
'til it all burns down
'til it all burns down
how many gonna have to die,
how many gonna say goodbye
'til it all burns down
'til it all burns down

(verse 1)
listen mama, i know you're brokenhearted
cause the peace your hoping for has often seemed departed
thoughts and feelings often disregarded
so we're stuck here trying to stop what some others have started
standing up to fight doesn't feel unjust
but does it really make it right when another is crushed, i mean
you pledge allegiance up to heaven above
but are your enemies loved when push comes to shove

we all want to save the world and make a brighter day
but i believe it's possible to make a better way

(verse 2)
seems to me we only see one sided
in a house that won't stand and a world divided
fighting battles in the name of peace
by thinking violence increased will make the violence cease
but don't go on pretending it's just overseas
look at your courtrooms, neighborhoods and families, i mean
mama don't you see the world's at stake
we've gotta stop the hate before we find it's too late
Track Name: Comfortable
my oh my, don't you wanna be just like him
walk tall just like him
looking so comfortable in his skin
why, oh why, couldn't we all be just like that
wish we all got that
looking so comfortable in our skin

(verse 1)
he's so cool, he's so fly
he's turning heads in the hall in his own mind
he's so smooth, and so fresh
first string in his dreams and nothin' less
he don't know, he don't care
talkin' thrift store shirts and messed up hair
no style, but no doubt
he's the real deal, tell me it's all about

(verse 2)
he's got low profile
he don't know, don't show with that cocky smile
he can't play, he can't dance
unaware, unafraid, so he's taking a chance
no money, no friends
but if he had it all over, bet ya he'd do it again
he's not loud, he's not proud
but he's the real deal, tell me what it's all about

and maybe I've got everything
but there's just one thing that I need
to be like him I've got to be
a little comfortable with me

(rap break)
he's rockin' dirty chucks
he's rockin' nerdy pants
he's steppin' on the floor
he's gonna take a chance
it doesn't matter much
if he ain't got game
'cause he's a superstar, baby
future Hall of Fame
Track Name: All I Need
(verse 1)
when I hit the town, cruisin' around
with all of my guys
I see the girls strokin' their curls
And battin' their eyes
but I'm not impressed by the way that they dress
'Cause baby besides
I'll be coming home tonight

(verse 2)
when I'm at the bar playing guitar,
singin' a tune
in the back of my mind, I'm countin' the time
'til I'll be with you
cause you got the ways to keep me amazed
by the things that you do
you got me runnin' back to you, 'cause baby

all I need is your sweet home lovin'
all I need is your sweet lovin' darlin'
I can't sleep without your touch because
all I need is your sweet home lovin'

(verse 3)
when I'm on the road, playin' some shows
in some other town
I see the club looking for love
and tryin' to get down
but I'm not the same, cause baby I've changed
since you came around
and now my heart's swept off the ground


when I walk through that door
all I'm looking for
is that familiar face, familiar place I know
the moment I walk in
I feel like closing in
to my little world, with my little girl and so
if you can cut the lights, I can draw the blinds

(verse 4)
you work your magic and this man
can hardly keep still
you're like the puzzle my pieces
can't wait to fill
you make me crazy, so amazing
I've got the chills...

(Chorus x 2)
Track Name: Straight Fallin'
(verse 1)
I remember the day you came my way
I saw your face, the whole room faded away
I got near you, smelled your perfume
there's no use trying, you've got me straight fallin'

so bad for you, baby
so bad, I've got to know

could this be love?
is this love?
I can't take it no more
'cause you've got me straight fallin' in love
could it be love?
if this is love, I can't get enough, no

(verse 2)
my phone can't wait to call your name
I won't hesitate, I've got to hear your voice again
if you can't tell, I'm caught in your spell
down on my knees, girl, you've got me straight fallin'

don't tell me I'm mistaken,
baby, I can't take another day
without you in my world, girl
'cause you are my world, girl
don't kiss my mouth just to chew me up,
turn and spit me out
and tell me that it wasn't your fault
tell me that there wasn't blood lost
you cut my chest wide open
ripped out my heart...
Track Name: Don't Say
don't say this is my last day with you
no I'll never give up no matter what you do
don't say that your love's gone away from you
no I'll never believe 'cause it's just not true

(verse 1)
all these things you're saying now
they flat out knocked me down
say you don't want me around
this can't be the real you

now you're telling me it's done
telling me I'm not the one
you'd rather have me gone
but I still love you

oooh... and I thought that you should know
that I'll never let you go
oooh... and one more thing I know for sure
someday you'll hear me say I told you so

(verse 2)
tell me what are we gonna do
if it's all left up to you
you're telling me it's through
it's just not that easy

no it's not a mystery
when it comes to you in me
think about the history
you'll see that you were meant for me

(rap verse)
don't say that you can't get used to me
don't tell me that you want to be through with me
I don't care what you've heard about L.U.P.
but I've been listening to you fundamentally
first, you can't be afraid to fight
getting in the ring done gave us the right
and two, it ain't always about you
sometimes it needs to be a bit about me
and three, can't casually forget
about the past and that's a hard thing for me
but four, I don't want to hurt no more
so come back and let's let it simmer some more
you're so sure of what I need
indeed, a man's got to feed
but the truth is I feed off you being near
these are the elements that make this all crystal clear
don't say it
Track Name: Never Enough
(verse 1)
she's got all that she ever wanted and more
perhaps a little more than she bargained for
they say she's all the pretty things that you see in magazines
yet she always looks a little bit bored

(verse 2)
and you can always find her walking the mall
a credit line to make sure she's got it all
and all the fellas stop and stare when she tosses her perfect hair
no doubt she knows that she's too good for them all

and all the other people calling her crazy
they say her thinking's just a little too hazy
cause she's got everything she needs, how could it be
but the reality's far from amazing

ooo...and everything that she wants
ooo...and everything that she needs know it's never enough
oh, baby girl, you know it's never enough

(verse 3)
now what you see ain't always what you get
cause what you feelin, baby, it's legit
i see it happen everyday watching people go their way
filled with everything that doesn't fit

but she can't run and she can't hide
cause she's afraid of what's inside
Track Name: Nothing In This World
(verse 1)
so many times
so many guys have let you down
you’re wondering why
wondering how, wondering if
anything could change this time around
you say, “love is just a game we play
of giving up and taking away.”
you’re so afraid of losing this time.

nothing you can say
nothing you can do
could ever take my love away
could ever keep my heart from you
there’s nowhere you can go
far enough away from me
to ever let you lose my love
open up your eyes and see
there’s nothing in this world
nothing but you, girl, for me

(verse 2)
how do you know?
how can you tell where this will lead?
I don’t know why,
I don’t know how, I just know
giving up on you is never what I see.
I say, “love is just a choice we make,
more than just a chance we take
for sunny days or stormy weather.”